We offer a wide range of web related services.

Internet Marketing

We specialize in internet marketing. We create authentic experiences using internet technologies to capture the attention of your preferred audience. We challenge the normal concepts of linear marketing to reach targets in different dimensions.

Web & Graphic Design

We create timeless designs. Aesthetics and functionality are equally important for longevity and experience. We create unique characteristics and engineer functional integrity that will endure over time.

Social Media Presence

We enhance your social media presence. We work to create seamless branding experiences to help generate interest and grow your audience across multiple platforms.


Treat Industries is an internet marketing company. Our goal is to increase your web presence. We have experience working across many web platforms and tailor our work towards your goals.

Treat Industries maintains a limited list of exclusive clients. We pride ourselves in producing inventive and high quality web services. We work with integrity to ensure our products will endure over time.

We are located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. We love the small town atmosphere and picturesque scenery. We enjoy the hand-crafted nature of the alpine climate.


Treat Industries
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Twin Bridges, CA 95735

Phone: (530) 391-2482

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